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Outdoor Learning Environment
Two's Classroom
Kindergarten Classroom
Outdoor Learning Environment
Glulam Beam Intersection


South San Francisco, 04/2018

Architect of Record: Perkins and Will  

Role: Designer, Design Development through Construction.

The client and our team at Perkins and Will conceptualized this project as a delightful space for kids and teachers to thrive. Exposed wood, washed with natural light lends a soft quality to the space, nurturing healthy and happy generations to come and the natural materials reduce exposure to harmful substances common in typical new construction.

Five buildings support over 500 children, ages 6 weeks to 6 years old, along with 175 on-site staff. The Center includes a main administration building, an art lab, a science lab, a commercial kitchen, outdoor learning environments, and multi-purpose rooms.

This green building is net zero energy, has a low carbon footprint, and will be the client’s fist building to be certified LEED platinum.


Photography ©Emily Hagopian

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