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Design Competition Entry
North & West Elevations
East & South Elevations
Basement and First Floor Plans
Second Floor and Roof Plans


Sacramento     01/2019

The design of this home and accessory dwelling unit complements the neighboring homes of the past while at the same time representing the present technologies and aspirations of present day.  We achieved these goals by designing at a suitable scale for the neighborhood and by using long lifespan finish materials that meet the vernacular of the setting.

We utilized eco-friendly passive design strategies including:

  • Natural ventilation and passive cooling (provided by the stairwell which doubles as a cooling tower)

  • Solar friendly roof orientation and surfaces (to reflect solar rays and to accommodate future solar installation)

  • Limiting openings to the east and west to control heat gain while providing privacy.

Sac | Mod is a joint design effort between myself and owner/architect Matthew Shigihara.

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